The Student Parliament

The Student Parliament is the student’s of The University of Bergen’s political organization. It is stated in Norwegian Law that every educational institution should have a democratically elected student body, that make decisions on behalf of the students. We are to be consulted in all matters concerning the students, and we also suggest relevant political resolutions.

The Student Parliament meets once a month and consists of a total of 31 representatives, 24 of which are elected during the student elections. The remaining seven are faculty representatives elected through annual meetings on the faculties.

The lists

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Generell Student Alliance

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One of our core goals is centered on promoting and developing more inclusive spaces within the university setting. This aim is pursued mainly through the implementation of various activities designed to encourage socialization between international students and their local peers. We have identified a significant gap in the effective integration of foreign students; both in the academic and socio-cultural context. We firmly believe that it is essential to dedicate substantial efforts to build a university community that not only warmly welcomes international students but also encourages them to fully integrate into university life, the city, and the local culture. This initiative seeks to break down linguistic and cultural barriers, promoting an environment of respect, mutual learning, and collaboration. Thus, our efforts are directed at ensuring that each student, regardless of their origin, can find a sense of belonging and support in the institution.

Our focus is to work towards the development of interpersonal and professional skills through different activities among international students in UiB. These skills will help students become efficient enough to join the workforce and excel. We will work on arranging more seminars, workshops, knowledge development sessions, job-skill sessions, and many more activities for international students to make them more skilled, efficient, confident, and job-ready.

Liberal List

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Liberal List is based on liberal views. The university should create new knowledge through research and offer students opportunities for personal development. People are different and have varying needs. The university should always strive to find solutions that provide choice. Better facilitation for individual freedom will be the best path towards students who can utilize their full potential.

For several years, Liberal List was part of the Student Parliament, where Liberal Liste fought for student welfare and freedom, and after a three-year hiatus, we are ready for a comeback. We believe that the student parliament and UiB have lacked a pragmatic, liberal, and environmentally oriented list that takes students’ freedom seriously.

If you want to be the boss of your own study life, if you want more influence on how you submit your exams, and if you desire a responsible university, then Liberal Liste is for you. Make a good choice!

Moderat List

Studying at UiB should be fun!

UiB must be an institution for the students. This means that one must facilitate good student volunteering, as well as future-oriented solutions to the problems of the present.

An example of this would be working actively to prevent loneliness among students. It should be easy to be part of a community, and you should always find someone to hang out with, if you wish to do so. For a significant part of the student population, this means facilitating a good social culture, and to simplify it even more; beer with friends.

In addition to combating the challenges associated with loneliness, it is absolutely essential that UiB adapts to the times you live in. This means, among other things, that one has to strengthen the work related to AI at the University, as well as adopting several new solutions in order to ensure that as many as possible have good conditions for completing their studies.

In order to modernize and develop UiB in the right direction, action and concrete measures are necessities. One has to use academia actively, to solve the problems we are facing now, and to ensure that society moves in the right direction, also in the years to come.

The Moderates also want greater freedom of choice at the University, and especially for teaching-students, who are in great lack of opportunity when setting up their own study schedule. This is a problem, and UiB must find a solution to this problem. It is then the Student Parliament’s responsibility to push forward these solutions.

As well as this, UiB should continue to be a safe and educational choice for international students.

The Social Democratic List


We in The Social Democratic List are a collection of committed students from different faculties at the University of Bergen, who will stand for election in the Student Parliament in spring 2024. Our vision is to create a more inclusive and equitable university environment, where our core values – freedom, equality and solidarity – are at the centre. We believe in a university where all students, regardless of background, have equal opportunities to unfold their full potential through education.

This year we are going into the election with a strong focus on two main issues: improving mental health care and making curriculum literature more financially accessible to students. Through the Students’ Health and Well-being Survey (SHoT) from 2022 and 2023, we have seen a worrying trend in students’ mental health. These developments require concrete measures that extend beyond the shadow of the pandemic.

We believe it is essential to increase access to low-threshold services and ensure that students with serious mental disorders receive the necessary support. This means more personal follow-up and increased investments in local initiatives to strengthen mental health care at the university.

Our second big issue is to make the curriculum more financially accessible. With an unsustainable current scheme for the sale of curriculum, we see the need for a profound reform. We propose that the University of Bergen itself takes responsibility for the sale of books at reasonable, stable prices, including a trial scheme for a deposit system for textbooks and the possibility of cheap literature rental. Through these initiatives, we want to address some of the most urgent challenges facing our fellow students and promote a fairer and more inclusive learning environment for all at the University of Bergen.

The Left Alliance

The Left Alliance works for a more socialist, green and inclusive politics.

For students to have a better day-to-day life, The left alliance means that UiB must ensure a cheaper and more accessible syllabus. In an already tight economic situation, an expensive syllabus is not something students must pay for. Therefore digital syllabus should be more used, and UiB should facilitate reuse of syllabus and other arrangements.

After the pandemic the number of students in active student volunteering have declined with 30%, and the volunteering space hasn’t managed to get back up on its legs again. We want to work so that the university will take responsibility and facilitate a stronger student volunteering space. We see that the time or area don’t match its needs and we want to work actively to find solutions, so that student volunteering can once again bloom.

UiB has decided to be climate neutral within 2030. We want to make UiB responsible and ensure that they come with specific measures to reach these goals. Furthermore we wish to strengthen the vegetarian offer to make it easier to take green choices.

If you wish for a greener, more inclusive and just day-to-day life? Then you vote for The Left Alliance!