The Student Parliament

The Student Parliament is the student’s of The University of Bergen’s political organization. It is stated in Norwegian Law that every educational institution should have a democratically elected student body, that make decisions on behalf of the students. We are to be consulted in all matters concerning the students, and we also suggest relevant political resolutions.

The Student Parliament meets once a month and consists of a total of 31 representatives, 24 of which are elected during the student elections. The remaining seven are faculty representatives elected through annual meetings on the faculties.

The lists

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General Student Alliance

  • Core matters

    Free education for Everyone

  • Environment

  • Diversity

The main case of the General Student Alliance this year is to reintroduce the principle of free education for students from all over the world in Norway. Education is an important part of the Norwegian principle that certain public services shall be free of charge, and Norway has always been and shall still be an important voice outward to the rest of the world that education shall be free.

We work hard towards diversity across genders, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation and group affiliations and against all forms of discrimination. Diversity benefits everyone in the end.

The environment is also an important part of our political agenda. We believe that environmental policies can be implemented in a healthy, innovative and responsible manner. Environmental politics shall not only save the globe, but it shall also make innovation.

Green List

Grønn Liste - logo

The Green List is a party-politically independent student list that will work for a more sustainable, forward-looking and fair University of Bergen. With a university that is considered a leader in climate and environmental research, we want the University of Bergen to play a clearer role on the road to a more sustainable future for all of us. The university has also set itself the goal of becoming a climate-neutral university by 2030 – that means we must act now!

The Green List prioritizes the environment and climate, and wants to contribute to the university’s green transistion. Therefore, we want to restore the Erasmus bus, which was an offer for those going on exchange in Europe, where you could take a bus from Bergen to Europe organized by the university. We also want to make it easier for students to make more sustainable and environmentally friendly choices by making it possible for you to be able to recycle all your waste, no matter where you are on campus. Environment is also about the learning environment, and there we will strengthen the mentoring scheme so that you get the same offer no matter what you study or where you come from.

This year we will continue the important work with small and large measures that can make student life, the campus, research and teaching better for the students, but also better for the environment. An efficient and fair university is also a sustainable university. Small measures matter when tens of thousands of students and staff are concerned. Do you want to do something small for something big? Vote Green List this year!

Moderate List

Moderate List is actively working towards making the everyday student life easier, more fun, as well as flexible. In doing so one needs a student parliament that minds their own business and prioritizes the most important causes and cases.

It is obvious, and necessary that we agree with everyone else in that we want cheaper public transportation, as well as many more student living quarters, but this cannot be fixed in the parliament, but rather in Velferdstinget.

In the parliament one needs to prioritize, in order to secure the causes most important to the student body. Therefore one must remove the focus away from stupid and unnecessary policies without proper legal foundation, such as actively saying no to certain oil-fields, as well as banishing ministers from campus.

If you want to vote for a list that wants to make it easier to have fun on campus, that makes sure the parliament does what it is required to do, and is working hard to ensure individual freedom for the student body.
Then you should vote for Moderate, because the obvious choice is often the correct one.

The Science Party

The Science Party (SP) is a politically independent list. Our goal is to be an objective and rational voice in the student parliament. Vi are focused on what is best for the students, instead of gaining political experience or furthering a political career.

During the last year it has become apparent that the parliament use a lot of time discussing symbol politics, that does not really help the common student. SP are going to make sure that the parliament stops wasting time discussing symbol politics. Instead we want to discuss concrete measures that help better your study day. For example we want to place water dispensers in all faculties so that you will not have to fill your bottle in the tine toilet sink.

The student bars are important meeting places for students. SP wats to strengthen the bars. Every faculty should have their own bar. And their conditions should be bettered. It is not right that some of them can not be open at the same time ass Sammen’s cafes. Or that they have to live in fear of being closed because UiB only allows 1 penalty point, when the alcohol law permits 12. SP wants to have a dialogue with the student bars to find out exactly what they need to make their offer better for the students.

Sammen’s therapists are an important low threshold offer. Many thinks it would be best to hire more of them. However, SP means that this isn’t the most important way to better it. We should instead up the number of free sessions from 10 to at least 15. And it needs to be advertised a lot more effectively, way too many students have no idea it exists.

Vote for The Science Party

The Social Democratic List

The Social Democratic List is running for election to the Student Parliament at the University of Bergen in spring 2023. The list is made up of committed students from various faculties who all want to make a difference for the students at the University. Our core values are freedom, equality, and solidarity. We will work for a university for everyone, regardless of their background. We want everyone to have the opportunity to realize their potential through education.

Our 3 main issues:

The Social Democratic List wants to improve the mental health services for all students at the University. The SHOT survey for 2022 shows a worrying trend in students’ mental health. We believe that services must be strengthened, and that students that are struggling with mental health problems should receive the necessary help. We urge the university to provide students with more follow-up, prioritize local initiatives, and increase funding for mental health. The university must take students’ mental health seriously.

Our second core issue is a more affordable canteen for all students at the University of Bergen. Students’ finances are getting worse, while prices in Sammen’s canteens are increasing. The Social Democratic List will work to ensure that Sammen introduces more affordable breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for all students at the University of Bergen.

Our third core issue is more affordable course literature for all students at the University of Bergen. The Social Democratic List believes that the current system for selling course literature is completely unsustainable and requires a fundamental reform. The Social Democratic List believes that the current agreement with Akademika can no longer continue. We will therefore work for a trial scheme where the university itself takes over the bookstore, with more affordable, stable prices.

The Left Alliance

Student’s wellbeing is a high priority for us. To achieve that goal we at Venstrealliansen want UiB to offer a free curriculum, this is not a bearable expense for students in an already difficult economic situation. To compete in the job market one needs experience, but where will one get this? The students demand more internship slots. The privately owned housing market exploits already vulnerable students, that’s why we need to strengthen the student housing offers. The housing needs to be of better quality, be close to the city center and the rent must go down. Students need a space to live in, not just be housed

Climate politics are also red politics. UiB must take climate and environment seriously, and make sure students and employees will be able to make more sustainable choices. UiB has signed a treaty to become climate neutral by 2030. Us at Venstrealliansen will make sure UiB follows this treaty. We want the vegetarian offers to be better, and we want a system to promote green alternatives.

representation has a symbol effect. It is important to have role models one can relate to, so that one can believe in oneself. That is why we want to decolonize the curriculum, and prioritize female authors. In the Autumn of 2022, the government cut students outside the EU’s opportunities to study at UiB. By weakening the “free education principle”, the diversity weakens. UiB must work to recruit employees and students of differing cultural-, and socioeconomic background, gender, sexuality and function.

If you want a green, feminist and just everyday life for students, vote Venstrealliansen.