The University Board

It is stated in Norwegian law that students must constitute at least 20 percent of the members of all collegiate bodies assigned to decision-making authority. Therefore, the student voice is also represented in the University Board, which is the supreme body of the University. Here, the students sits side by side to the principal and discuss and adopts important strategies for education, research etc.

One female and one male student representative is elected during the student elections.


The Candidates

Binin J. Tielco

Main goals

  1. Cheaper necessities
    Access to free printing, cheaper syllabus books and other literature

  2. Friendship
    Social and digital community for students

  3. Mental Health
    Physical and digital network for students

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Binin J. Tielaco, student at the Department of Social Anthropology

Greeting’s students, it is about time we had a good ruler to speak up on the behalf of us all so let me introduce myself. My name is Binin Tielaco, 22 years old from Oslo, now living in the colourful town better known as Bergen. There is not much to say about my private life other than that I love to discuss every  opic known to man until my throat goes dry. Like you, I too have some hobbies including reading, writing stories and exercising, when I find motivation too so. Other than that, you will see me spend most of my days being social, a bit on the edge with my humour and sarcasm or sleeping. A recipe for a good and long life if you ask me.

I believe in a system that works for us, and our wallets, hence my wish to make it cheaper for us students to buy most, if not all, necessities such as books, free access to printing and other supplies a student might need to buy. On top of this I want to contribute for a stronger social and digital network so students from all faculties and departments feel welcome, heard and safe. I am sure you feel the same, so let this lady show you the way for a great life as a student!

Ingrid & Ole Jacob

Main goals

  1. Better learning facilities on campus and online
  2. Better funding of student organisations
  3. An ambitious climate program

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Dear Students!

We would like to bring the student voice to the university board. As the students finally can return to campus it is critical that we let the student life flourish again!

In this next period the university board will implement new strategies, plans and budgets that will hugely affect the students. We will fight for an ambitious climate policy, better funding of student organisations and better learning facilities both digitally and on campus!

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Ole Jacob Broch

25 years old from Oslo, with a new found love for Bergen city. He studies law and uses his spare time engaging with student politics. He has previously been in multiple student organisations, and the interest for improving the conditions for these (and other organisations) made him start working politically. He has now spent to years primarly working with this issue, as well as sustainability and educational quality.

Ingrid Borvik

Ingrid is 23 years old and is normally attending master studies at investigative journalism at the university. This year she is working full time with student politics as the vice-leader of Velferdstinget Vest. She has a bachelors degree in comparative politics and cares strongly about the learning environment in the university.

Johanna & Mario

Main goals

  1. Student well-being and mental health.
    After long years of pandemic, which is still ongoing in many countries, it is important to increase focus on measures to improve student well-being, connect students and offer opportunities for a better way back to a social and active day-to-day life. We expect readily available services to help students, increased investment into social and cultural opportunities for students, and pilot testing new forms of assessment
  2. Modern students and a modern university!
    With a society in constant development the university should have the capacity to change and adapt to new needs. We want UIB to reach out to, cooperate with, and invite other educational institutions and services to learn new and effective ways of structuring the flow of information. It is critical that there are clear guidelines as to what is to be expected from our professors, the institute and the faculty in relation to the students.
  3. More climate, better climate!
    Environmental measures and climate are more important than ever before. Environmental projects and climate research has become an important part of UIB, and the former student representatives in the university board have achieved important milestones related to the environmental and climate focus. We wish to continue their good work and we stand firmly behind the university’s positioning as an important advocate and leading channel for environment, climate and marine research.

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Be part of a historical election!

Johanna and Mario are the first candidates from the faculty of KMD running for the office of the university board! Our goal is a more modern, high tech and forward-thinking university which meets the needs of both today’s students as well as the digitized generations to come.

Mario de la Ossa

I’m currently pursuing a bachelor in art and have been working with the student democracy to advance my fellow students’ needs and priorities. I’m the leader of “Fagutvalget” at the art academy and have been working closely with both the institute and the elected student representatives at the faculty to make our wishes heard. In a short time I have–together with the rest of the “Fagutvalg”–made important changes, including hiring more student assistants to extend the opening hours of the library, establishing a new student gallery, and integrating our expectations and opinions into the restructuring of the academy.

Through the institute council and with the faculty, I have put into motion processes that will ensure clear understanding of what is expected of professors and workshop leaders in terms of communication, presence at the academy, and time management.

The better we work together, the more productive our day-to-day studies will be, leading to high level mastery of our subjects, while also enjoying our time as students. To achieve this productive cooperation, the university must continually modernize and be effective and quick to establish targeted measures.

Johanna Magdalena Engh

I am currently pursuing a masters degree in Music Therapy. Throughout my years at UiB I have been part of a number of decision-making boards, among others: the Student Board at my faculty of KMD (“Kunstnerisk Studentutvalg”), a student representative at the Faculty Board, and a student representative in the board of the Meltzer Research Fund. In these roles I have always prioritized goals to promote environmentally-focused management, and support for environmentally friendly projects, to improve student well-being, and always to improve communication between students and other University groups. Until now I have pursued these topics at the faculty-level, but other departments of UiB need the same improvements! I will prioritize these topics in the university board.

Tools for effective communication and collaboration across departments at UiB are already available. The sudden and complete change the world underwent in 2020 however demonstrated the need to modernize existing systems and also to implement new digital solutions. Students are often unable to find relevant information and miss important messages regarding their studies. It is critical that employees of UiB are highly skilled at using appropriate tools to reach and inform students quickly, easily, and informatively. When now evolving new standards for every-day life it is important to preserve the good systems we have developed while adapting to new challenges. Effective communication is critical for this; modernizing communication tools is thus one of my most important priorities.

Lars Henrik Øberg

Main goals

  1. Say no to the suit
    It might sound a bit funny to have the promise that I will not atend any board-meeting wearing a suit as one of my main cases. The reason is simple. I want to represent myself and all of us students here at UiB, and most students don’t wear suits. I will also fight for students to have as much influence as possible for what takes place at the university
  2. Climate
    I will do what I can in order for UiB to be an even more climatefriendly university. A lot of good work is going on, but there is also a lot left to be done
  3. Internships
    An obvious case. Students needs to have access to as much workpractice as possible!

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Lars Henrik Øberg

Hi! I am a 29 year old lawstudent that reaches out for your support to be one of two studentrepresentatives in the university board! I come from a place called Eidsvoll, best know for the norwegian Constitution and… thats about it. I take the role as beeing a student very seriously, so seriously that I am now about to finish my eight year as a student.

During these eight years I have been active in the studentdemocraty both at Lillehammer university collage and here at the University of Bergen. One of my rather annoying traits is that I am not that good at letting things be and much rather would send one mail too many than one too few. In other words, I can be quite demandind to be a friend with, but I do think this can be a good quality to have in order to represent you and your interests up againt the the leadership of the University.

I also have a cat. He is named Noldus (Dobby). He is quite cute, might share a pic later.